Rediscovered species as flagships for conservation optimism (Panel)

Rediscovered species represent a second chance at preserving some of the unique heritage of our planet as well as a powerful way to connect emotionally with the conservation work being done globally. The stories behind species rediscovery showcase the personal commitment of conservationists worldwide, which against the odds proved right what many thought impossible, making rediscovered species powerful ambassadors for conservation optimism. Yet, species rediscoveries are just a new beginning, as finding one or a few individuals does not guarantee the long-term survival of a species. This panel will thus discuss how species rediscoveries can be best used as tools for communicating conservation optimism.

The panellists speaking in this session are:

  • Robin Moore, photographer and author of the bestseller ‘In Search of Lost Frogs’, and part of Global Wildlife Conservation’s ‘Search for Lost Species’
  • Brian Zimmerman, Zoological Society of London, key contributor to the rediscovery of the Mangarahara cichlid in Madagascar
  • Diogo Veríssimo, founder of the Lost & Found digital storytelling project (, which brings to life the most exciting tales of species rediscovery
  • Jane Laurie (aka Mutiny), painter and street artist working across a variety of scales and mediums, with wildlife always at the heart of everything she produces