An emerging ocean ethic in a new generation of marine citizens (Workshop)

Over recent years, there has been a continuous call for increased public involvement in marine and coastal issues. Alongside this, research has shown that societal connection to the sea is varied and influenced by a range of factors and that the relationship between society and the sea is nuanced and complicated. However, despite this, in recent months we have seen the rise of ‘The Blue Planet Effect’, with levels of public interest in marine issues currently at an all-time high.

Building on research around the themes of ocean literacy, marine citizenship and living an ocean ethic, this interactive workshop session, led by Emma McKinley (Cardiff University), Jim Wharton (Seattle Aquarium) and Holly Griffin (UNEP-WCMC), will examine this relationship with the sea, and consider positive ways in which we can engender a more ocean literate society, with the capacity to make the changes required to address the challenges facing our global seas. Through the lens of ocean optimism, the workshop will focus on interaction with the audience, using dialogue activities and other interactive engagement approaches to examine the following three questions:

  • What does an ocean literate marine citizen with a strong ocean ethic look like?
  • What are the challenges/ barriers preventing people from engaging with marine issues as marine citizens?
  • How can we use ocean optimism to support future opportunities to develop marine citizens?