Good Natured: A Conservation Optimism Short Film Festival

We are very excited to announce that we will be running a film festival on Monday 2nd of September at 6pm in the amazing Oxford University Natural History Museum as part of the Conservation Optimism Summit!

The evening will kick off with a panel discussion between our judges around the importance of film making to raise awareness of conservation issues. We will then screen a diversity of short movies belonging to the following categories:

  • Super Shorts

  • People & Nature: Communities, Heroes & Wellbeing

  • Conservation Works: Learning from Success & Failure

  • Animation

  • Student film

Good Natured: A Conservation Optimism Film Festival is now accepting entries on FilmFreeway. Click on the button below to submit your short film.

The Film Festival Judges:

Lucie headshot

Lucie Muir

Growing up in Jersey in the Channel Islands, round the corner from Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, embedded a passion for nature from an early age. Graduating with a BSc Zoology and an MSc in Wildlife Conservation Management from Newcastle University, Lucie joined the conservation charity Wildscreen in 2005.

Starting as a photo and film researcher on the Arkive project, she went on to develop Wildscreen’s educational outputs, using media to inspire the next generation of conservationists. In 2014, she led the evolution of the Wildscreen Exchange, providing over 250 conservation organisations globally with access to imagery and empowering them to tell their own stories and supporting their frontline campaigns.

Appointed Wildscreen Director in 2015, as well as overseeing the future strategy and day to day running of the charity, Lucie leads on the Wildscreen Festival – the biggest global gathering of filmmakers, photographers and conservation organisations. She firmly believes in the power of storytelling to inspire everyone to experience and protect our natural world.

Prasenjeet Yadav

Prasenjeet Yadav is a molecular ecologist turned photographer and a National Geographic Explorer. Prasenjeet holds a masters degree in molecular biology and has pursued research in molecular ecology for several years at National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore, India.

Early in his scientific career, he realized that his real passion lay in storytelling. He now combines his experience in research with his photography skills to popularize ecological and conservation sciences in the wider society. Prasenjeet is one of the very few photographers who integrates science deeply into his photo stories.

He chooses ignored subjects, landscapes, and species and find ways to develop engaging and accessible photos. For every story, he collaborates with researchers, managers, policymakers as well as conservationists. Along with the larger stories, he also produces stories that are directed at specific audiences who have the power to create lasting change.