Igniting the Wonder of Quiet Ecosystems with Animation – Wednesday 11.30 am to 12.15 am

Animation is a powerful visual storytelling medium that inspires wonder and connects with audiences of all ages. Spaces like tallgrass prairies may not immediately demand our attention, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t awe-inspiring. These and other quiet ecosystems require that we stop, look, and listen so that they might reveal their true complexity and vibrant range of biodiversity. Animation offers a creatively uninhibited point of view to tell these stories and amplify the voices of native plants, insects, and other animals that rely on these overlooked environments for survival.

Please join artist, Erin Anfinson, for a presentation on the inspiration, research, and creative process behind her animated film, “In the Tallgrass.” Following the presentation, audience members are invited to participate in a demonstration where they will learn how to plan and animate lively short scenes using stop motion and cut-paper puppets. By Erin Anfison from the Middle Tennessee State University.