Let’s map our network

The Future For Nature (FFN) Academy is a movement and a network of students and young alumni in the Netherlands, who are passionate about the natural world, inspired by conservation heroes, with the aim to conserve nature.  Many of the conservation heroes are winners of the Future For Nature award, bestowed to three young, international laureates in Burgers’ Zoo in the Dutch town of Arnhem every spring, akin to the Whitley award event in the UK.  By getting to know these laureates personally, members of the FFN Academy get even more inspired and more easily share their own passion with others, and thus contribute to a strongly positive force in conservation.

In this Not A Poster session, FFN Academy members engage in a “structured conservation” with you, and invite you to draw your personal network. You feature as one of the nodes, and you map your own connections with others (nodes) who work in conservation, either as individuals or in organisations. What does your network look like? How does that help you to gain inspiration and share your passion? And how does that help all of us to dream about and construct the global community of Conservation Optimism?  By Denise Swanborn from the Future For Nature Academy.