Making space for the future -Wednesday 12.15 am to 1 pm

“What would the world look like in 30 years if we achieved all our conservation goals?”
This session will be an opportunity for the group to take a step back and readdress this simple, yet surprisingly elusive question through guided meditation, creative expression and discussion. It is easy to get caught up in the humdrum of everyday life and forget why and what it is you are supposed to be working towards.

By releasing delegates from the day-to-day pragmatism of conservation and embracing some blue-skies positivity, Josiane Segar and Olivia Crowe hope that participants will be able to take the space to reflect on the kind of world we want to be working towards. By temporarily putting aside the “how” of conservation, they want to focus on the “why” and “what”. Having already brought this session to a class of conservationists at the University of Oxford, Olivia and Josiane are excited for this exploration to reach a wider audience of professionals and perspectives.
By Josiane Segar and Olivia Crowe from the University of Oxford.