Small but mighty: Small groups can make a difference (Panel) 

This panel session celebrates the role of small budget organisations in achieving big conservation impact and creates space a discussion about how the conservation community can better support such organisations. Sophie Grange-Chamfray, Programme Manager, Synchronicity Earth, will facilitate the panel discussion. Synchronicity Earth is a charitable foundation which specialises in supporting small and effective conservation organisations. Panelists will include:

  • Anna Heath  (Synchronicity Earth)
  • Frédéric Le Manach (BLOOM Association, a small French conservation organisation that achieved significant legislative changes including a ban on deep-sea fishing and electric fishing in the European Union)
  • Valentin Omasombo Wotoko (Mbou Mon Tour, a community-based organisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo that conserves important habitat for bonobos)

Panelists will share their experiences of why small organisations are important in bringing about change and discuss some of the challenges they face. This session will facilitate a panel discussion on how conservation funders can better support small conservation organisations. Synchronicity Earth will reflect on their learning from ten years of supporting such organisations and provide the opportunity for panellists to feedback on what they think funders could do to better support them.