Tale of scaling up pangolin conservation in Nepal through roundtable series

This talk will cover the story of pangolin conservation in Nepal from scratch to noticeable outcomes.  It was started back in 2015, where there was a limited understanding of where the pangolins in Nepal were and there was no conservation action plan. Greenhood Nepal started a national roundtable on Pangolin conservation in 2015 gathering policymakers, conservationist, researchers and communities in the same table. The first roundtable recommended conducting a National Pangolin Action Plan and National Pangolin survey. The other annual roundtable followed the issue, National Pangolin survey (2016) and Pangolin Action Plan (2018-2022) were already on the table before the 4th annual roundtable 2018.  After succeeding at the central level, the team is now organizing the roundtable in pangolin strongholds across Nepal. By Regan Sapkota from Greenhood Nepal.