Think BIG: An optimistic approach to conservation (Workshop)

Conservation Optimism is, in many ways, about believing we can overcome the challenges of today and that a bright and biodiverse future awaits us. WildTeam is a not-for-profit charity which delivers training in key skills which enable conservationists to develop and deliver projects which have more impact. One of their principles is “Think Big” – a principle which embodies this optimistic approach.

The purpose of the principle is to encourage teams to put aside their limitations and instead begin by determining what needs to be done to achieve maximum conservation impact. From this starting point, the team should be ambitious and creative in developing a strategy which will achieve these aims, freed from the constraints of current skill-sets or funding.

 Applying a Think Big approach can reduce the chances of failing to address key threats to biodiversity targets, which in turn can provide a compelling rationale to decision-makers and donors for fulfilling the requirements of a more ambitious project. In this workshop, participants will be asked to identify their No.1 conservation objective related to their work. Using the ‘hive-mind’, they will then explore workable strategies for achieving these goals. Participants will join forces to take a Think Big optimistic approach to conservation!