Track & Sign Walk

Animals are very good at not being seen. But don’t be fooled – they are living all around us. You probably won’t see any (non-human) mammals during your stay at this conference. But at least eight different species of medium-sized wild mammals (as well as maybe 10 or more species of small mammals) thrive and breed within 400 metres of the college buildings where you will be sleeping, eating and debating – right in the heart of Oxford city.

Through many years of special study, Bob Cowley has learnt to recognise some of the subtle Tracks & Signs animals leave behind. So on this short walk, he hopes to be able to open your eyes to this parallel world, by showing you evidence of several of these species.

Please dress appropriately for the outdoors, with adequate warmth and rain protection, and footwear suitable for uneven ground that may be muddy in places. And please note that, although the walk will not be long or strenuous, the uneven soft ground might not be suitable for somebody with mobility problems. By Bob Cowley, Chair of Oxfordshire Mammal Group & International Tracker Certification Level 3.